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"This punchy production for young people combines fiery spoken word, sophisticated cinematography and an electric soundtrack"
The Stage  ★★★★

"'Unimaginably funny, achingly moving, brilliantly realistic'"
Drama & Theatre ★★★★★

If you are looking for an exciting new show, Birds & Bees by award-winning writer Charlie Josephine is available to watch from the comfort of your home.

This exclusive event is for Youth Theatre members to attend an on-demand viewing on the evening of your choosing. We will provide guidance on how you can get the best from the experience by watching the show as a collective online audience. Select your chosen date and time, grab your popcorn and come and claim your front row seat!

Included with the event is:

  • Birds & Bees, the 49 minute digital version of the play
  • Guidance on how to enjoy the show together with your theatre group

for youth theatres

Date: Daily Screenings until 30th Sept 2021
Time: 7pm
Price: £5 (per person)

About the play

 One click and it’s gone too far, far too fast.
As explicit photos of the school’s ‘it’ couple go viral, and real-world consequences of online life spread, so do everyone’s opinions.

Leilah is starting to wonder if her Instagram feels more like a burden than ‘living her best life’.
Aarron is learning how to be a man online and it’s starting to feel toxic.
Maisy’s not that into sex, thank you very much. So why’s everyone always talking about it?
Billy’s queer and proud, accepted by their friends but ignored by the education system.

They’re tired of feeling invisible. Can they break through the noise and make real change offline?
Directed by Theatre Centre’s Artistic Director Rob Watt, Birds and Bees fuses Charlie Josephine’s fiery contemporary spoken word with the vibrant stylings of acclaimed sound designer XANA.

 “I wanted to embrace the messy nuances and present some sticky questions about sex education” - Charlie Josephine, Writer. Created by Theatre Centre in association with Soho Theatre.

Suitable for 14+ Please note, Birds and Bees contains direct and indirect discussion around panic attacks and suicide, flashing images, as well as infrequent swear words.