Online Safety – One Million Likes by Sarah Davies

Online Safety – One Million Likes by Sarah Davies

By Theatre Centre

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SWITCHED ON is designed to be used within a planned, developmental approach to PSHE and offers teachers the educational structure to deliver engaging PSHE lessons on key curriculum topics.
One Million Likes by Sarah Davies is written to spark conversation and develop understanding around online safety; focusing specifically on how life offline can be comprised of wanting to gain popularity on social media. The protagonist, Ava, is 15 years old and notices a stain on her neck which won’t come off as she finds herself becoming more and more reliant on social media to feel good about herself.

This programme of study introduces the audio play and focuses on why Ava uses social media to feel more popular and where this leads her. The exercises in this toolkit guide students to explore their own solutions to some of life’s harder questions in a safe and responsible way.

This download contains:

  • Audio play Online Safety by Sarah Davies (Approx. 16 minutes)
  • Teacher Guidelines
  • 4 x 1 Hour PSHE Lesson Plans 
  • Student Booklet 
  • PowerPoint Resource


Links to the PSHE Curriculum

Relationships strand

  • The safe and responsible use of information communication technology (including safe management of own and others’ personal data including images)
  • To understand the terms ‘habit’, ‘dependence’ and ‘addiction’ in a wide variety of contexts (including substance use and information technology) and where and how to access support if they have concerns

Living in the wider world strand:

  • How social media can offer opportunities to engage with a wide variety of views on different issues
  • To recognise how social media can also distort situations or issues; can narrow understanding and appear to validate these narrow views

Referenced from PSHE Association’s PSHE Programme of Study.