SRE (Consent) – Viral by Nessah Muthy

SRE (Consent) – Viral by Nessah Muthy

By Theatre Centre

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SWITCHED ON is designed to be used within a planned, developmental approach to PSHE and offers teachers the educational structure to deliver engaging PSHE lessons on key curriculum topics.

Viral by Nessah Muthy is written to spark conversation and develop understanding around consent. The protagonist, Paige, is 15 years old and is experiencing conflicting feelings around intimacy within her new relationship. This programme of study introduces the audio play launching a basic exploration of consent. The exercises in this toolkit guide students to explore their own solutions to some of life’s harder questions in a safe and responsible way.

This download contains

  • Audio play Viral by Nessah Muthy (Approx. 11 minutes)
  • Teacher Guidelines
  • 4 x 1 Hour PSHE Lesson Plans 
  • Student Booklet 
  • PowerPoint Resource


Links to the PSHE Curriculum

Relationships strand:

  • To establish clear personal boundaries around those aspects of their lives they wish to be private, shared only with specific people, shared only with specific people, and made public; to understand their right to privacy
  • That consent is freely given and that being pressurised, manipulated or coerced to agree to something is not consent; that the seeker of consent is responsible for ensuring that consent has been given and if consent is not given or is withdrawn, that decision should always be respected
  • About the law in relation to consent (including the legal age of consent for sexual activity, the legal definition of consent and the responsibility in law for the seeker of consent to ensure that consent has been given)
  • How to seek the consent of another person and be sure that consent has been given; how to assertively withhold or withdraw consent

Referenced from PSHE Association’s PSHE Programme of Study.