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Whether you're looking for entire texts to study or extracts to perform, you'll find fresh ideas from the best writing for young audiences today.

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How does it work?

Fill in our booking form by clicking the order button on this page. Remember to include your full address so we can post out the play! We will send you your copy of Human Nurture within 5 working days. You will receive details of our end of term virtual meet up in your order confirmation email.

Do we meet to read the plays out loud together?

No. You have the freedom to read the play at your leisure through the Autumn term. All we ask is that you have read the play before attending our virtual meet up in order to get the most out of the session.

When is the virtual meet up?

The virtual meet up is an optional and informal online chat held towards the end of term. The virtual meet up for Human Nurture is on Tuesday 6th December 2022 at 6.30pm.

Can students join the virtual meet up?

The virtual meet up is for teachers who have read the play and want to discuss ideas for the classroom. If you would like to run a book club for your students you can contact and we can send you a list of suggested questions for your students to use as starting points for discussion in their own book club.

Tell me more about this term's play!

Human Nurture By Ryan Calais Cameron

“I don’t agree with everything they say, but we do have a lot in common nowadays, anyway I can’t be racist my best friend is Black.”

Roger and Harry’s bond is so strong they could be brothers. They share the same food, music, computer games and even dreams, everything other than their race.

Roger is Black, and Harry is white…but what does that matter, right?

When Roger is re-homed, Harry is left behind in the care system, and these “brothers” grow up in opposite ends of Britain’s social spectrum. Then on Harry’s birthday, Runaku (Roger’s reclaimed Ugandan birth name) returns for a dream reunion that turns into a nightmare situation.

Nothing’s off-limits, from innocent primary school humiliations to race, privilege, allyship and male vulnerability. Human Nurture is full of noise and a lot of dynamite.

Age Suitability: 13+

Running Time: 55 minutes

Trigger Warning: Strong language and the use of a racial slur

To be invited to our online play reading club meet up, all you have to do is order your copy of Human Nurture. (£9.99 including postage!) You will be invited to an online zoom session in December for an informal chat about the themes/characters and a sharing of some creative ideas for how to use the script and/or extracts in your drama studio.

  • Teachers say:

    Human Nurture needs to be in EVERY school in the country, these conversations need to be had with every young person. We have a duty of care for every child and they need to feel seen and heard in our communities.’

    Head of Drama, Forest Hill School.

  • students say:

    'I think an original perspective was seeing both of the sides and arguments. Instead of their being an obvious main character and enemy, you had to think about who was right in every sentence they said.'

    Year 10, Colne Community School