Birds And Bees Digital Package for Independent School
Birds And Bees Digital Package for Independent School

Schools Tour Update for 2020/2021

We’re excited to offer schools a high-quality recorded live performance of Birds and Bees by Charlotte Josephine.
Available to watch online from 2nd November, Birds and Bees will support your teaching with 18 hours of lesson plans across Drama, English and PSHE.
The digital package features:

  • Birds and Bees 60 minute recorded live performance
  • 18 lesson plans (6 per subject area Drama, PSHE, English)
  • Live Workshops with the actors on Zoom or Skype
  • Online Q&A sessions with the cast and crew
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Birds and Bees by Charlotte Josephine

PSHE Teaching Toolkits

Creative Teaching Resources

Our Switched On resources provide everything you need to teach varied and engaging PSHE lessons at KS3 and KS4 with minimal prep.

Switched On digital toolkits are available as separate topics or as a discounted bundle. Buy direct or email your purchase order to

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Catalogue of learning resources


English, Drama and PSHE resources

We have plenty of free lessons and resources for Key Stage 3 to 5 available for download.
- An online writing course, (suitable for remote learning) led by professional writers to inspire your students in English and Drama
- A creative journal with weekly touchpoints for artistic inspiration. Great for mindfulness and promoting students' well being. (also suitable for remote learning)
- A catalogue of drama lessons and resources based around our past productions. 

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