Financial Literacy – Tick by Kenny Emson

Financial Literacy – Tick by Kenny Emson

By Theatre Centre

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SWITCHED ON is designed to be used within a planned, developmental approach to PSHE and offers teachers the educational structure to deliver engaging PSHE lessons on key curriculum topics.

Tick by Kenny Emson is designed to spark conversation and develop understanding around Financial Literacy; focusing specifically on debt, loans and money management. The protagonist, Ben, is 18 years old and finds himself in financial difficulty after trying to keep up with his friends. This programme of study introduces the audio play, and focuses on the financial pressures facing Ben. The exercises in this toolkit guide students to explore their own solutions to some of life’s harder questions in a safe and responsible way.

This download contains

  • 1 Audio play – Tick by Kenny Emson (Approx. 8 minutes)
  • Teacher Guidelines
  • 4 x 1 Hour PSHE Lesson Plans
  • Student Booklet
  • PowerPoint Resource

*Please Note: The audio play contains one instance of strong language. If you would like a clean edit, please get in touch via with your order number and we will send this to you.


Links to the PSHE Curriculum

KS3 Core Theme 3. Living in the wider world: 

  • L18. To assess and manage risk in relation to financial decisions that young people make
  • L20. To explore social and moral dilemmas about the use of money, (including how the choices young people make as consumers affect others' economies and environments)

    Referenced from PSHE Association’s PSHE Programme of Study: