Human Nurture - Ryan Calais Cameron

Human Nurture - Ryan Calais Cameron

By Theatre Centre

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Written by Ryan Calais Cameron

Roles: Total (2):  Male (2)

Characters:  Harry age 18

                    Runaku age 17

I don't agree with everything he says or does, but we do have a lot in common nowadays.. And anyway I can't be racist, can I? My best friend is Black.

Roger and Harry's bond is so strong they could be brothers. They share the same food, music, computer games and even dreams... Everything other than their race.

Roger is Black, and Harry is White. But what does that matter, right?

When Roger is re-homed, Harry is left behind in the care system, and these 'brothers' grow up in opposite ends of Britain's social spectrum. Then, on Harry's birthday, Runaku (Roger's reclaimed Ugandan birth name) returns for a dream reunion that turns into a nightmare situation. 

Human Nurture is an explosive new play from Ryan Calais Cameron where nothing's off-limits: from innocent primary school humiliations to race, privilege, allyship and male vulnerability. 

Human Nurture was commissioned by Theatre Centre and is a co-production between Theatre Centre and Sheffield Theatres.

Publisher   Methuen Drama, 2022

Binding      Paperback

ISBN         978-1-3503-3957-6