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Mental Health – Perfect Pressure by Sarah Woods

Mental Health – Perfect Pressure by Sarah Woods

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What are Switched On toolkits?

Teaching resources for engaging PSHE lessons at KS3 and KS4. 

This Toolkit contains:
- Short professional radio play
- 5 lesson plans
- Student work booklet
- Powerpoint for each lesson

As a Theatre Company for young people, we specialise in using realistic third-person scenarios to open up safe discussions about difficult subjects. Each scheme of work is centered around a professional radio play. This toolkit contains teaching resources for Mental Health, focusing on coping with Anxiety.

Perfect Pressurby Sarah Woods is designed to spark conversation and develop understanding around Mental Health; focusing specifically on stress, anxiety and panic attacks. The protagonist, Ella, is 16 years old and is facing a myriad of pressures at home and school that seem insurmountable. This programme of study introduces the audio play, and focuses on the pressures facing Ella. Listen to a preview of the play by following the link below.

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand how pressures can contribute to anxiety 
  • To be able to explain symptoms of anxiety 
  • To explore ways to manage anxiety for self and others 
  • To learn some key strategies that can be used to manage our own stresses and to support others 
  • To explore and analyse Ella’s (main character in play) situation in detail 
  • To understand what might discourage Ella from seeking help or sharing worried feelings 
  • To understand what can help to support difficult conversations about pressure and stress 
  • To learn different ways of responding to a stressful situation  
  • To understand that different actions can lead to different outcomes 



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