Mental Health – Perfect Pressure by Sarah Woods

Mental Health – Perfect Pressure by Sarah Woods

By Theatre Centre

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SWITCHED ON is designed to be used within a planned, developmental approach to PSHE and offers teachers the educational structure to deliver engaging PSHE lessons on key curriculum topics.

Perfect Pressure by Sarah Woods is designed to spark conversation and develop understanding around Mental Health; focusing specifically on stress, anxiety and panic attacks. The protagonist, Ella, is 16 years old and is facing a myriad of pressures at home and school that seem insurmountable. This programme of study introduces the audio play, and focuses on the pressures facing Ella. The exercises in this toolkit guide students to explore their own solutions to some of life’s harder questions in a safe and responsible way.

This download contains

  • 1 Audio play - Perfect Pressure by Sarah Woods (Approx. 9 minutes)
  • Teacher Guidelines
  • 4 x 1 Hour PSHE Lesson Plans
  • Student Booklet
  • PowerPoint Resource


Links to the PSHE Curriculum

Wellbeing KS4 strand:

  • To evaluate the extent to which their self-confidence and self-esteem are affected by the judgements of others
  • The characteristics of emotional and mental health and the causes, symptoms and treatments of some mental and emotional health disorders (including stress, anxiety and depression)
  • Strategies for managing mental health including stress, anxiety and depression; a broader range of strategies for promoting their own emotional wellbeing

Relationships Strand:

  • Strategies to manage strong emotions and feelings
  • The characteristic and benefits of positive, strong, supportive, equal relationships
  • Managing changes in personal relationships including the ending of relationships
  • The role peers can play in supporting one another (including helping vulnerable friends to access reliable, accurate and appropriate support)

Living in the wider worlds strand:

  • To evaluate their own personal strengths and areas for development and to use this to inform goal setting
  • About the information, advice and guidance available to them and how to access it

Referenced from PSHE Association’s PSHE Programme of Study: