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Theatre Centre

Theatre Centre Plays for Young People Vol 1

Theatre Centre Plays for Young People Vol 1

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A challenging and culturally diverse collection of new plays dealing with hot topics, written by some of Britain's foremost writers.

Introduced by Rosamunde Hutt. 'Listen to your Parents' by Benjamin Zephaniah (Winner of the Commission of Racial Equality Race in the Media Award) explores a boy's love of football and poetry in a family struggling with domestic violence. 'Gorgeous' by Anna Furse deals with eating disorders and pressures on modern women in contrast to their victorian forebears. 'Precious' by Angela Turvey asks how you stop being a graffiti artist and become a serious artist? How do you grow up? 'Look at Me' by Anna Reynolds explores difficult behaviours in and out of school. 'Souls' by Roy Williams shows 3 brothers coming to terms with their mother's death, while sibling rivalry continues to damage their relationship. 'Glow' by Manjinder Virk portrays a teenage girl who becomes a boxing champion against the wishes of her father.

Publisher    Aurora Metro Publications, 2003

Binding       Paperback       

ISBN          0954233050

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