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Wish You Weren't Here - Katie Redford

Wish You Weren't Here - Katie Redford

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Written by Katie Redford

Roles: Total (2): 

Female (2)


Lorna age 32

Mila age 16

“I might not be able to drive legally, but I’m pretty nifty in a dodgem”  

After all those extra shifts, all Lorna wants is a night out on the town and time to reconnect with her daughter. All 16-year-old Mila wants is for the world to stop burning. And for someone to take down that ‘Beach Body Ready’ poster. Please. As mum and daughter check into their ‘premium’ room where they can almost see the sea, they quickly discover that their favourite seaside town, which was once their annual sunny escape, could really use some attention – just like their relationship.   

Wish You Weren't Here is a hilarious and heart-warming exploration of family relationships, the agony of growing up, and how to find your way in the world when you can’t help thinking you’re just not good enough.

Wish You Weren't Here was commissioned by Theatre Centre and was a co-production between Theatre Centre and Sheffield Theatres.

Publisher   Bloomsbury Publishing, 2024

Binding      Paperback        

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